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  • Celebrate the holiday season by bringing Felix the Gnome into your home.

    Gnomes or “Tomtar” have a long tradition in Swedish folklore, especially around the winter solstice and the holiday season. Usually depicted with long beard and conical hat, Tomtar were the secret guardians of an estate or farm in Scandinavian literature. If treated well, Tomtar were believed to protect the family, animals and homestead from misfortune, which is why in Sweden, the presence of a Tomte in your home is very much cherished.

    Our limited-edition Snow Globe features Felix, Absolut Elyx’s very own Copper Gnome. The name “Felix” comes from Latin, meaning “the lucky one.”

  • Contains: 1 x Felix the Gnome Snow Globe

    Dimensions of the Snow Globe:
    Height: 5.43" – 13.6 cm
    Width: 3.94" – 10 cm
    Length: 3.94" – 10 cm
    Weight: 1.59 pounds – 710 grams

    Dimensions of the Gift Box:
    Height: 8" – 13.2 cm
    Width: 6.42" – 16.3 cm
    Length: 65.2" – 20.3 cm
    Weight: 2.65 pounds – 1201 grams

    The 'Felix the Gnome' Snow Globe is composed of a resin gingerbread house, the gnome and trees are copper-plated, the base is made of wood and the bowl is glass. Each Snow Globe comes in an exquisite ready-to-gift box with copper damask detailing, making it a perfect gift.

  • At Absolut Elyx we’re big fans of copper. Our unique vodka is made using a vintage copper still that dates back to 1921, with copper used throughout the production process to remove impurities and to help give Absolut Elyx its silky-smooth mouthfeel. You could say that copper is intrinsic to everything we do. So, when we decided to create our snow globe, we knew copper would play a role.

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