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  • Deluxe Martini Gift Set with 3-piece Shaker
  • Deluxe Martini Gift Set with 3-piece Shaker
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    Deluxe Martini Gift Set with 3-piece Shaker
    Deluxe Martini Gift Set with 3-piece Shaker

    Deluxe Martini Gift Set with 3-piece Shaker

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    As part of our continued brand evolution, we’ve now closed our online Boutique, so we can focus all our energy on our silky-smooth Elyx vodka.

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    • Quality + Package
    • Bring the glamour of copper into your home with our ultimate bar tool collection. Lovingly designed by our resident martini experts here at Absolut Elyx, our deluxe eight-piece set contains everything you need to create your ultimate home bar. This set of professional standard bar tools and glassware comes with a comprehensive martini recipe guide designed to help you tailor your perfect Elyx martini and make amazing cocktails that your guests will never forget.

      Comprising a Jigger, Julep Strainer, Mixing Glass, Bar Spoon3-Piece Shaker, Hawthorne Strainer and two glamorous copper-plated vintage-style Cocktail coupes, this stunning set allows you to make a vast array of cocktails as well as perfect martinis. Elegant and sophisticated, the tools feature our signature damask detailing, – an exquisite embossed design that adds an opulent accent to any bar.

      The set is presented in a stunning gift box with copper damask detailing, making it an ideal gift for any martini lover.

      Here’s what our customers are saying about this product:

      Even the box it came in was gorgeous. Beautiful new addition to my antique bar. I can’t stop looking and admiring it!” ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – Rachel 

    • Contains:
      1 x copper-plated Jigger
      1 x copper-plated Julep Strainer
      1 x Mixing Glass
      1 x 30cm copper-plated Bar Spoon
      1 x copper-plated 3-Piece Shaker
      1 x copper-plated Hawthorne Strainer
      2 x copper-plated Cocktail coupe

      Dimensions of the items (Inches & Lbs.):
      Copper Jigger: 1.81"x1.81"x4.92" 0.11 Lb.
      Copper Julep Strainer: 7.09"x2.95"x0.67" 0.11 Lb.
      Mixing Glass: 3.7"x3.46"x5.91" 1.33 Lb. 16.9 fl oz capacity
      Copper Bar Spoon: 11.69"x1.14"x0.47" 0.1 Lb.
      Copper Cocktail Shaker: 3.54"x3.54"x9.37" 1.27 Lb.
      Copper Hawthorne Strainer: 8.5"x3.23"x0.67" 0.25 Lb.
      Copper Coupe: 4.15" x4.15" x5.5" 0.54 Lb. 8 fl oz capacity

      Dimensions of the items (Cm & Grams):
      Copper Jigger: 4.6x4.6x12.5 cm 49 grams 30/60ml capacity
      Copper Julep Strainer: 18x7.5x1.7 cm 67 grams
      Mixing Glass: 9.4x8.8x15 cm 603 grams 635ml capacity
      Copper Bar Spoon: 29.7x2.9x1.2 cm 45 grams
      Copper Cocktail Shaker: 9x9x23.8 cm 278 grams 740ml capacity
      Copper Hawthorne Strainer: 21.6x8.2x1.7 cm 113 grams
      Copper Coupes: 10.5x10.5x14 cm 246 grams 290ml capacity

      Dimensions of the giftbox:
      Height: 4.72" – 12 cm
      Width: 12.6" – 32 cm
      Length: 18.11" – 46 cm
      Weight: 4.05 pounds – 1838 grams

      Each item in the Absolut Elyx Deluxe Martini Gift Set is made of copper-plated brass and sealed with an FDA-approved food-safe lacquer and is presented in a beautiful ready-to-gift presentation box.

      Please wash before use. In order to preserve this item and its components, we recommend that you wash them by hand. Do not put in the dishwasher.

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